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Editorial Board

Last modified: September 2, 2016 @ 5:33 pm

The editorial board is responsible for the editorial policy of Vaccines Today. This involves planning, creating, and editing content, and setting the tone for publications. The members of the editorial board contribute on a voluntary basis.

Gary Finnegan is Editor of Vaccines Today. He has a degree in physiology, an MSc in science communications and has worked as a health journalist and editor for 10 years. He was a national winner at the EU Health Prize for Journalists in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Gary plans and prepares content for Vaccines Today with the support of an editorial board.

Diogo Medina is a Medical Doctor specialising in Public Health in Lisbon, Portugal. He is a guest contributor to the department of Vaccination of the Regional Health Administration of Lisbon, an alumnus of the Lisbon Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine’s course on Travel Medicine, a frequent guest lecturer on Travel Medicine for the Primary Healthcare Clusters of the metropolitan Lisbon area, and a consultant for the Lisbon University Centre for Evidence Based Medicine. He was also the first runner up in the first edition of Vaccines Today’s Communication Challenge.

Dr Peter English is a former family doctor, and is now a consultant in public health and health protection in the South East of England. He has a particular interest in issues relating to vaccination, set up and moderates the vaccimmuk email discussion group, and has been editor of Vaccines in Practice since 2008.

Hugues Bogaerts studied Medicine at the University of Ghent in Belgium. He graduated in 1981 and practiced medicine for some years as a generalist.
By now he has worked for more than 25 years on the development, licensing and market introduction of a wide range of vaccines mostly during the time he worked for GlaxoSmithKline or one of the legacy companies. Read more

daphne-holtDaphne Holt PhD, MBA, joined the world of charity management in 1999 after 30 years in medical research and education with the UK Medical Research Council and at Imperial College in London.
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Steffen GlismannSteffen Glismann is a Medical Doctor and has specialized in Public Health Medicine with a particular interest in child health. He has spent most of his professional career as a clinician in various Danish Hospitals and also worked for two years as District Medical Officer under the Ministry of Health in Zambia and one year with Integrated Management of Childhood Illness for WHO in Uganda. From 1998 to 2011, He was a senior public health physician at the Danish Statens Serum Institute with National responsibility of risk assessment and prevention of Vaccine Preventable Diseases. Read more

David SalisburyDavid Salisbury was director of immunisation at the Department of Health in the UK until the end of 2013. He was responsible for the national immunisation programme and led the introduction of many new vaccines.
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