Communication challenge

Give Nina a lifetime of memories


Communication challenge

Take a look at some of Nina’s life moments

Baby Nina is born

Baby Nina is born

Going to the university

Going to the university

Taking a walk with the family

Taking a walk with the family

This is Nina

This year’s Communication Challenge focuses on all age segments. This is why we are talking about the wellbeing and health of children, adults and seniors. We want to hear how #VaccinesWork by helping people like Nina live their lives to the fullest. This year, we’re asking you to tell part of the story.

Nina, just like you, looks after herself and the people around her. She brushes her teeth, she puts her seatbelt on and she eats well. And in some moments of her life, she turns to the protection of vaccinations to keep her healthy.

Nina can do all of these things because #VaccinesWork. They help her take care of herself and the people she loves.

Our Vaccines Today Communication Challenge gives people like Nina a voice. It’s a chance to showcase all the memories she has the potential to make when getting vaccinated. That could be her first day at school, travelling to a far-flung corner of the globe, finding out she’s pregnant or becoming a grandparent. Whatever that memory might be, Nina needs vaccinations to keep her in good health.

Here’s how you enter and qualify for €1,750 in prizes.

Write a page in the book of Nina’s life. Submit your story containing the required elements at the bottom of this page or on our Facebook page and your submission will be eligible for prizes of €1,000, €500 or €250. So, make sure all the elements below are included.


Watch Nina’s story

Here’s how you can take part

Pick a moment in Nina’s life — any moment — and take a picture to capture that moment. Take one of our sketches of Nina and add it to that photo, then write a few lines to explain how Nina got there. We want to hear how #VaccinesWork and help her live life to the fullest.

1. Draw NINA.


2. Take a photo with NINA in the picture.


3. Upload the PHOTO on our website and add a short STORY to tell us how #VaccinesWork for NINA.


Which moment in Nina’s life will you capture? Pick one to download.

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