Awesome! These 7 cool parenting tricks could save your kids

Gary Finnegan

Gary Finnegan

January 25th, 2019

Gary Finnegan

‘Maybe it’s because Google knows I have small kids, but I am followed around the internet by articles – and ads for articles – promising to make me a better parent. ’

More than that, they promise to make it easy. All I have to do is spend a few minutes reading their list of ‘tricks‘, ‘tips’, and ‘life hacks’ and I’ll be a better parent.

“Quiet kids! Daddy’s reading 34 little hacks that will make parenting so much easier

(The kids really get in the way of my parental life hacking.)

These articles are almost always lists – after all, busy parents can only be expected to read bullet points. So here goes:

The all-time TOP 7 parenting life hacks you need to see

  • Vaccinate your kids against MEASLES. This awesome trick prevents measles.
  • Vaccinate your kids against POLIO. This amazing life hack prevents polio.
  • Vaccinate your kids against RUBELLA. This simple tactic prevents rubella.
  • Vaccinate your kids against PERTUSIS. This creative tip prevents pertussis.
  • Vaccinate your kids against TETANUS. This WOW! idea prevents tetanus.
  • Vaccinate your kids against DIPHTHERIA. This fun game-changer prevents diphtheria.
  • Vaccinate your kids against everything on the vaccine schedule recommended by your doctor, your nurse, your local health authority and – very likely – your friends with kids.


Meanwhile, if you just want to read dozens of parenting tips from strangers which may or may not change your children’s lives, take the click bait below.


Do the simple things first. Vaccinate your kids.


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