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World leaders back vaccines for poorest children

By Editorial board January 30th, 2015 0 Comments

Governments and philanthropists have promised to immunise a further 300 million children as part of a global effort to save 6 million more lives by 2020. At the Gavi Pledging Conference in Berlin this week, hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a total of US$7.5 billion (€6.6 billion) was pledged by donors to help buy

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Vaccine offers ‘best option for protection’ against flu

By Editor January 26th, 2015 0 Comments

Flu season is underway in Europe and, although the vaccine may not protect against all circulating types of the virus, it is still the best way to avoid infection. Health authorities across Europe are braced for an increase in cases of seasonal influenza. The annual outbreak puts considerable pressure on health systems and tends to

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Can the HPV vaccine end cervical cancer?

By Gary Finnegan January 22nd, 2015 0 Comments

Jo Maxwell was just 40 in 1999 when she died of cervical cancer, leaving behind three children and James, her husband. Now Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, established by James Maxwell to improve services and prevention, wants to make cervical cancer a thing of the past. When she was diagnosed in 1995, Jo found it difficult

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Can high finance save lives?

By Gary Finnegan January 21st, 2015 0 Comments

Brace yourself. This is a story in which capital markets – the complex, cold world of high finance, banking and bonds – save the lives of millions of children. Most of us known little and care less about financial markets, save for the odd headline about bankers’ bonuses or trouble in the Eurozone. But a

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Measles surges in Ebola hotspots

By Gary Finnegan January 19th, 2015 0 Comments

As Ebola overwhelms health systems in West Africa, measles cases are soaring. More than 8,000 people have died from Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, leaving 3,700 children orphaned.  While these figures are making the headlines, the knock-on effects of the outbreak are now becoming clearer. Hospitals are overcrowded and the health workforce has

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