Celebrating 10 years of Vaccines Today

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November 30, 2021 @ 14:39 PM

Vaccines Today was launched a decade ago, in the wake of the 2009/2010 H1N1 flu pandemic. During that global outbreak, there was an absence of positive vaccine advocacy on websites and social media. Negative voices and misinformation filled the vacuum. Our mission was to address the unmet need for proactive online communication about vaccines and vaccination. 

Ten years later, our project has grown and the need for high-quality information about vaccines is greater than ever. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. We are members of the WHO’s Vaccine Safety Net network of websites, independently accredited by the Health on the Net Foundation, and work with dozens of other pro-vaccine organisations. We have interviewed European Commissioners, leading NGOs and the head of the European Centre of Disease Prevention & Control (ECDC). In short, Vaccines Today has become an established voice in the online vaccine communication ecosystem. 

VaccinesToday 10th anniversary

To mark our tenth anniversary, we are publishing a series of 10 feature articles looking back at the big stories that we have covered since 2011. We’ll also look ahead at the issues and trends likely to shape the next decade, including COVID-19, life-course immunisation, the role of technology and the routine vaccinations that can protect against measles, flu, cervical cancer and more. In addition, we will host a podcast mini-series and a webinar. And we look forward to sharing new stories and ideas in the years to come.


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To explore the future of vaccines and vaccination, Vaccines Today hosted a webinar featuring experts in vaccine research, policy and communication. It tackled a range of issues from universal COVID-19 vaccines and personalised immunisation recommendations to life-course immunisation and new approaches to community engagement.