Bringing vaccines to the world’s poorest children

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

September 1st, 2014

Editorial Board

‘The GAVI alliance, a public private partnership dedicated to improving access to vaccines in the poorest countries of the world, devised a clever new approach to financing and delivering vaccines for low-income nations. ’

Working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNCIEF, the WHO, vaccine manufacturers, NGOs, national governments and others, GAVI has driven down the cost of vaccines in the developing world and reached close to half a billion children.

Today, children are less likely than ever to die of preventable diseases.

This, says GAVI CEO Seth Berkeley, is bringing major economic benefits for people in the developing world: less illness means lower health spending, more time spent in education and greater economic opportunities for children and their parents.

But some children are still left out. GAVI is currently seeking to raise funds to help it reach an additional 300 million children by 2020 – an ambitious plan which could save six million lives.

Major advances have been seen over the past decade but this story is far from over. Stay tuned…