Doctors: ‘Roll up your sleeves’ for flu vaccine

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

October 28th, 2014

Editorial Board

‘The World Medical Association has launched a new campaign to encourage doctors to get their annual flu shot. ’

flu-vaccine‘Roll up your sleeves’ calls on doctors to take a few moments of their time to protect themselves – and their patients – from seasonal influenza.

Doctors tell doctors: Get the flu shot!

‘When you get immunised, you aren’t only protecting yourself, you’re also protecting those you care for,’ according to the WMA which says that doctors can set an example for colleagues and patients by ensuring they are vaccinated.

Is the flu jab and ethical obligation for doctors?

The WMA has been an active campaigner for improving flu vaccination rates among health professionals. They argue that doctors, as priority group for flu vaccination, have a duty to follow disease control guidelines.

‘Let’s make a small thing a big deal. Protect yourself and those you care for. Others will follow your lead.’

Flu vaccine becoming the norm for doctors

Read one nurse’s story of how she became an outspoken vaccine advocate: Nurses who vaccinate