Childhood vaccines: ‘huge benefits, minimal risk’

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

September 4th, 2017

Editorial Team

‘Are vaccines safe and effective for children? ’

EU-puts-spotlight-on-childhood-immunisationThis is the most fundamental and reasonable question every parents asks before following the recommended immunisation schedule. The answer, according to study after the study, is an emphatic yes.

The latest scientific paper to explore the question of vaccine safety is a review published in Pediatrics, a leading journal.

Researchers looked at dozens of quality research papers on the safety of the vaccines recommended for children in the US (most of which are similar to those recommenced for children in Europe).

It found that serious problems following vaccination were ‘extremely rare’ and usually resolved quickly, adding that this very small risk is heavily outweighed by the ‘protective benefits that vaccines provide’.

In an accompanying commentary by Dr Carrie Byington, a leading US paediatrician, it is argued that being more open about rare adverse events could be reassuring – at least for doctors who can then offer confident reassurance to their patients.

Are Vaccines Safe and Effective?

Vaccine safety in children: Huge Benefit, Minimal Risk