Meet the World Adult Vaccination Coalition

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

April 26th, 2017

Editorial Board

‘New coalition unites ‘immunity community’, aiming to close the gap on adult immunisation’

adult vaccination
Vaccines are not just for kids. In fact, while childhood immunisation programmes are well established in most countries – and developing countries are supported in improving access to childhood vaccines – older people are often overlooked.

This is in spite of the fact that older people can benefit greatly from a number of vaccines that help to preserve their health and independence.

The challenge in raising awareness and uptake of adult immunization is that there has, until recently, been a shortage of vocal advocates. It can sometimes seem like adult vaccination is an issue for everyone but a priority for nobody: it affects organisations with a stake in health, ageing, chronic disease, social justice, inter-generational solidarity – among many others.

In order to bring together those interested in adult immunization and support them in actively agitating for better immunization services for older people, a broad coalition of academics, healthcare providers, NGOs, media experts and others have come together to form the World Adult Vaccination Coalition.

Led by the International Federation on Ageing, in collaboration with the Confederation of Meningitis Organisations and Hacettepe University, the diverse network will share resources and expertise, and help to raise awareness of adult immunisation around the world. Vaccines Today is proud to be a member of the Coalition.


  • Agence De Medicine Preventive (AMP) – France
  • Turkish Geriatrics Society – Turkey
  • European Men’s Health Forum – Ireland
  • International Council of Nurses – Switzerland
  • Secretariat of Healthy Aging and Quality of Life – Brazil
  • Friends of IFA (FOIFA) – Japan
  • Generations United – United States
  • Hacettepe University – Turkey
  • International Longevity Centre-UK – United Kingdom
  • Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine – Spain
  • Vaccines Today – Belgium
  • Center for Research on Infectious Disease, Instituto Nacional de Salud – Mexico
  • NGO Committee on Ageing Vienna – Austria
  • Confederation of Meningitis Organizations (CoMO) – UK/Australia
  • Vaccine Ambassadors – United States
  • Happy Ageing Alliance – Italy
  • 50+ Hellas – Greece
  • Fundacion Irene Megias Contra La Meningitis – Spain
  • National Health Institute Doutor Ricardo Jorge – Portugal
  • Heart of England NHS Foundation – United Kingdom
  • Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine – Spain
  • Austrian Society of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology – Austria
  • International Association of Immunization Managers – UK/US
  • European Institute of Women’s Health – Belgium
  • International Longevity Centre – UK