Raising standards of online vaccination information

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

March 26th, 2013

Editorial Board

‘We have all searched the Internet for information on health. And, mostly likely, we have all found a potentially confusing mishmash of facts, fiction and opinion.’

Raising-standards-of-online-vaccination-informationThe key to deciding what to take seriously and what to discard is trust. We ask ourselves whether the information we find is credible and trustworthy.

Yet this is far from easy; the number of webpages continues to increase every day. That is why setting high standards in online health information – and networking sites which are committed to quality – is so important.

Vaccines Today is part of this movement. Since our launch in March 2011 we worked to build a bank of credible material about vaccination. Our ‘20 Facts’ section continues to be one of our most popular resources, along with pages about vaccine-preventable diseases.

In March 2012, the website received Health on the Net (HoN) certification from an independent organisation dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of online health information.

This month, we were pleased to learn that we have been included in the WHO’s Vaccine Safety Net list of approved websites on vaccine safety.

Vaccine Safety Net features websites of the highest calibre – a reading list for science-based information on immunisation and vaccine-preventable illnesses. Check out the WHO’s Vaccines Today page and visit the other sites participating in the project.

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