Scientists gear up for major flu conference

Dr. Ab Osterhaus

Dr. Ab Osterhaus

September 8th, 2011

Dr. Ab Osterhaus

‘Top-level scientific sessions with specific attention for new developments will be at the core of ESWI’s Fourth Influenza Conference (September 11 to 14).’

Influenza-ConferenceBeing held in the aftermath of the first influenza pandemic of the 21st century, the conference is well timed to respond to this global issue from various aspects. In addition, the conference will provide a platform to discuss the most recent advances in influenza research, control, prevention and treatment.

Renowned keynote speakers, chairpersons and lecturers will make the conference a key scientific meeting. All scientific sessions will be co-chaired by a young scientist, a token of ESWI’s commitment to the future of our field.

In keeping with ESWI’s aim to stimulate and facilitate interactions between different disciplines, the Programme Committee has developed a second track, specifically dedicated to public health officials. The separate programme has been named ‘Science Policy Interface’. In seven dedicated sessions, it will ‘apply’ the newest scientific data to influenza policy practice.

Every session will be chaired by a top expert in the field and will bring an appealing mixture of tailor-made lectures, good practices, case studies and workshops.

The Science Policy Interface programme at the Fourth ESWI Influenza Conference is part of ESWI’s commitment to policy makers. ESWI acknowledges the fact that appropriate health policies can only be made on the basis of correct and science-based information.

ESWI also supports young scientists in their careers and their research, which looks to advance what we know about influenza. Through the Young Scientist

Fund, ESWI has provided over 50 grants to young scientists. Successful grant applicants will play an active role in the conference, each presenting their research either orally or in poster format. In fact, Wednesday 14 September will open with a plenary session entirely devoted to the work of promising scientists. In addition, young scientists have been invited to act as co-chairs during the conference sessions.

The combination of expert opinions, scientific evidence, peer contributions and active participant involvement will ensure that this conference contributes to the ESWI goal: to reduce the burden of influenza in Europe.

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