How well do you understand the flu?

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

September 9th, 2011

Editorial Team

‘Experts at next week’s 4th European Scientific Working group on Influenza (ESWI) Conference in Malta are set to tackle common misconceptions which surround the flu and vaccination. ’

Understand-the-fluWith flu seasons fast approaching, it’s timely to explore some of the issues that cause perennial confusion. ESWI has compiled a handy list of videos which show members of the public asking questions about popular beliefs about the influenza vaccine.

(Visit the ESWI site to view all videos in context)

Each video is accompanied by a response and explanation from a leading influenza expert.

Experts from ESWI have also produced a new book called 101 Questions & Answers on Influenza which offers a more detailed examination of some of the questions you might have about the flu.

The book is designed for interested lay people as well as health professionals, and comes with an audio CD.

*Check back here for coverage of the ESWI conference next week*

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