Vaccinology education: new Institut Pasteur courses

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

October 26th, 2016

Editorial Team

‘Two vaccinology courses offered by the Institut Pasteur in France promise to expand the growing pool of experts in vaccines and immunology.’

Armelle PhaliponThe institute is offering a face-to-face four-week course in Paris beginning in March 2017 but, if you can’t wait or can’t make it to France in the springtime, you can sign up now for an online version.

Applications for the vaccinology course in March – now in its tenth year – can be made now.

Armelle Phalipon, co-founder of the course, says around 30 places will be available and are usually awarded to doctors or PhD students.

“These students come from all around the world and to specialize in vaccine concepts,” she says. “Overall, we have built a large network of approximately 300 people who remain in contact around the world to assist in their work, according to Pasteur tradition.”

FUN-MOOC : Vaccinology session 2 by fr-universite-numerique

Dr Tangy

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in vaccinology, now in its second year, will attract a wider audience.

“Our first MOOC in vaccinology last year attracted more than 3,200 attendants from 116 countries – 27% from France, 13,3% from USA and 6% from Australia,” says Dr Frédéric Tangy, Director of Research at CNRS. A total of 56% were female and the students come from a diverse range of educational and professional backgrounds.

“One out of four students participated in the online exams and 12% succeeded, which is considered a great success for a MOOC,” Dr Tangy adds.