WHO aims to increase demand for immunisation

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

April 22nd, 2013

Editorial Board

‘With a serious measles outbreak the UK affecting more than 800 children, health authorities across Europe are reaching out to health workers, policymakers and parents to stress the safety and effectiveness of vaccines which can help prevent future outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases.’

WHO-aims-to-increase-demand-for-immunisationThe World Health Organisation’s Regional Office for Europe is aiming to increase demand for vaccination through a series of continent-wide initiatives taking place during European Immunisation Week (EIW), April 22-29.

The Organisation says that while most Europeans have access to vaccination, vaccine uptake rates remain too low to wipe out disease such as measles and pertussis.

The WHO is helping European countries to fine-tune its advocacy and targeted communication efforts to ensure that demand for live-saving vaccines remains high – and to eradicate complacency about vaccine preventable diseases.

A campaign site has been launched, along with resources such as fact sheets on preventable diseases and tools for frontline health workers.

EIW began in 2005 when just six European countries participated. This year, all 53 member states of the WHO’s European Region are taking part. They have received a handbook with advice on organising campaigns and events as well as communication materials.

EIW takes place in parallel with World Immunisation Week (WIW), a global awareness drive using the campaign slogan ‘Protect your world – get vaccinated’.

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