Is immunisation really necessary given that most diseases are now treatable?

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

December 2nd, 2021

Editorial Board

There have been great advances in the treatment of many diseases, along with better living conditions, which help contribute to better outcomes for those affected by serious illness.

While some infections can be treated with antibiotics, there are few treatments for viral infections. Antibiotics have been a great boost to public health but do not work against viruses. Indeed, even some bacterial infections can be very hard to treat. Tetanus infections, meningitides and whooping cough, amongst others, can be fatal even under modern treatment conditions. Prevention is the best approach.

There is no need to choose between immunisation and availing of the best available treatments. Both can form part of modern public health strategies.

For more information, see ‘Vaccination – 20 Objections & Responses’, produced by the Robert Koch Institute and Paul Ehrlich Institute