Gates launches ‘Vaccine Innovation Award’

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

October 20th, 2011

Editorial Team

‘Bill Gates has launched a new prize to encourage scientists to come up with game-changing innovations in vaccine research.’

Vaccine-Innovation-AwardThe Vaccine Innovation Award will reward those who have achieved “significant improvements in the prevention, control, or elimination of vaccine preventable disease through imaginative and pioneering approaches”.

The winner will receive $250,000 (€180,000) and will be publicly recognised by the Gates Foundation which has already donated $10 billion (€7.2 billion) to boost global efforts to improve access to vaccines.

Gates said scientific discovery and innovative strategies for getting vaccines to those who need them most led to the eradication of smallpox, and the global health community must now build on this example.

“Innovation can shift the whole trajectory of global health and development. It can make the impossible, possible. Every victory we achieve in global health is somehow linked to innovation in delivery,” he said.

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