Vaccines: an animated guide

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

February 18th, 2013

Editorial Team

‘Communicating the benefits of vaccination – and the complex science underpinning immunity – is essential to protecting people from vaccine-preventable diseases.’

VaccinesOne way of doing this is through short animations which can be used to share ideas in unique ways, ranging from fun to purely educational.

Vaccines Today wants to capture some of the best examples of how animation is used to explain vaccination and you can help. Send us your favourite vaccination videos and we’ll collect them here for others to share and enjoy.

Here are some of our favourites

The Gates Foundation produced a brilliant animation on the life-saving potential of vaccines and the campaign to eradicate polio. Follow the artist’s hand as it illustrates a story told by Bill Gates.

The World Health Organisation uses a nice cartoon to get across the message that vaccination helps to protect your own children, but also other people’s kids.

A brief history of vaccines has even been told using Lego! This one is good fun but still has educational value.  

More complex ideas, like herd immunity and explanations of how vaccines work, can also be shared using animation. This one offers a quick insight into how flu vaccines work and explains why inactivated vaccines do not cause the diseases they are designed to prevent.

The final video is an educational tool designed to explain herd immunity in less than three minutes.

Have you seen animations which help to communicate about vaccinations? Post links in the comments section or share them on Twitter!