Who should have the flu vaccine – and why

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

December 2nd, 2013

Editorial Board

‘Every year, millions of people contact seasonal influenza. For most, it’s a very unpleasant experience from which they recover well.’

Who-should-have-the-flu-vaccine-and-whyIt disrupts family and work life – some suffer weeks or months of fatigue before returning to full strength – but they recover and move on.

But others are severely affected. For older people and those with chronic conditions, a flu infection can lead to hospitalisation, disability and even death.

In this series of videos, Dr George Kassianos, Royal College of General Practitioners UK Immunisation Lead, discusses who should be immunised against the flu and why.

He also discusses the role of health professionals in improving immuisation rates by communicating with patients and setting an example by having the vaccine themselves.