Audrey’s Story


‘On account of our ignorance about meningitis, we lost our daughter Audrey.’

AudreyShe was 12 years old and died from meningococcal C meningitis  after 24 hours of pain, vomiting, fever, skin discolorations (purpura) and sensitivity to light.

We founded Association Audrey in 2000 in order to provide information and help as many people as possible.  After Audrey’s tragic death, we wanted to make up for the lack of information about meningitis, since the disease reached its terminal phase in our personal experience because we didn’t know about the condition. We also wanted to help the government and its agents have a more human face when dealing with children’s deaths.

The formation and running of Association Audrey has been a way to mourn the loss of our daughter ever since she left us. We also wanted to inform others, to provide a series of preventive public actions so as to fight this disease, and to let others know that it is possible to overcome this ordeal.

Our organisation, Méningites France – Association Audrey, will perpetuate the work we’ve done so far. We also want to help people dealing with the after-effects of disability, provide information about amputation and prostheses for children, and continue to offer general information on all other aspects of the disease, its symptoms  and the importance of vaccination, diagnosis and treatment.