H1N1’s legacy: past vaccine uptake affects future vaccination rates

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

April 19th, 2012

Editorial Board

‘While prior immunisation against seasonal flu was an indicator of willingness to be vaccinated against H1N1 flu during the 2009 pandemic, the lower-than-expected uptake of the pandemic vaccine could weigh on seasonal flu vaccination rates in years to come.’

Dr-Michael-SchwarzingerDr Michael Schwarzinger of INSERM in France has studied the role of doctors in France in the H1N1 flu pandemic and highlighted some of the reasons why vaccination rates were low amongst healthcare professionals. He has also looked at how this influenced decision-making in the wider community.

He said the experience of the pandemic has taught a number of lessons about how vaccination should be administered and the importance of bringing GPs on board.

Dr Schwarzinger was speaking to Vaccines Today at a conference on immunisation policy hosted by Fondation Merieux.