‘How to stop polio for good’

Gary Finnegan

Gary Finnegan

June 27th, 2011

Gary Finnegan

‘Check out this inspirational talk given by WHO’s Dr Bruce Aylward at this year’s TED event in California.’

Dr-Bruce-AylwardAylward makes a compelling case for pressing ahead with the difficult task of eradicating , rejecting the idea advanced by those who say containment is the best we can hope for.

It’s a fascinating mix of science and advocacy, along with a belief that we now have the tools and knowhow to stamp out polio for good.


This is a theme taken up by Aylward in an excellent article in a recent edition of the New England Journal of Medicine entitled ‘The Polio Endgame’.

Momentum appears to be building behind a new push to wipe out polio. For good.


New England Journal of Medicine: The Polio Endgame