Vaccination is ‘safe, cheap, effective’, say doctors

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

April 24th, 2015

Editorial Team

‘Doctors have added their voices to a growing movement committed to wiping out measles in Europe. ’

Young-doctors-failing-to-champion-immunisationThis week, the WHO and national governments renewed their pledge to eliminate measles in Europe – something that has been achieved in many countries around the world already.

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“We cannot give up thefight to eliminate measles inEurope,” said Dr KatrínFjeldsted, President of the Standing Committee of Doctors in Europe (known by its French acronym, CPME).

“Vaccinations against measlesare safe, effective and cheap–in contrast,the human suffering and economic cost of measles is immenseand unnecessary. European doctorswill continue to strive for a measles-free Europe,” she said.

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The focus on measles comes as Europe faces a number of large outbreaks with thousands of casesacross the continent. Earlier this year a toddler in Germany died during an outbreak in Berlin.

The CPME doctors group said health professionals have an important role in providing evidence-based information to parents about vaccines and in ensuring that vaccines are easily accessible to all.

“The CPME reaffirms doctors’ commitment to achievinga measles-free Europe and hopes for meaningful progress towards this aim,” the organisation said in a statement.