Balancing choice with responsibility

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

December 31st, 2015

Editorial Board

‘In most aspects of our lives, we are used to making decisions based on how our choices directly affects us. But some decisions have implications for others and carry additional responsibility. ’

“My sister is very lukewarm about vaccinating her little one-year-old girl. I’m very pro-vaccines for everyone. I’m really concerned. Can anyone help me?”
(Question from a Vaccines Today reader)

We received a comment on one of our articles this week which struck a chord. It was from someone concerned that their sister was not inclined to vaccinate their young child.

This got me thinking about some of the articles we have published on social responsibility, as well as this great guest post from a nurse making the case for vaccination.

Then one of our Editorial Board sent this blog post (and video) my way and I knew we’d found a great way to make the case to people who view vaccine decisions as a simple matter of consumer choice.

Our choices affect others

In the video, a filmmaker from Mic – an online media channel for younger people – explores the social and ethical implications of vaccination.

In a light-hearted but pointed set of interviews about freedom of choice, she pretends to represent a campaign group in favour of abolishing laws against texting while driving.

“I’m with a group called Moms for Texting While Driving…it’s my child it should be my choice,” says the interviewer.

The people she speaks to in the street are not convinced: “That’s irresponsible not just to their own children and themselves but also towards other people,” says one.

It may be a deliberately absurd comparison but it forces viewers to consider how personal choices affect other people. See for yourself.

The video also features a short interview with Melinda Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Watch to see what she says about the impact of immunisation and how to handle parents’ legitimate questions about vaccines and medicines.

Have you found articles, graphics or videos that sum up this debate?

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