Spotlight on hepatitis

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

July 26th, 2012

Editorial Board

Spotlight-on-hepatitisThe World Health Organisation is putting the spotlight on hepatitis this weekend as it marks World Hepatitis Day.

In particular, the organisation is targeting hepatitis B and C. To reduce the transmission of hepatitis B and C, WHO recommends safe blood-transfusion and safe injection practices, and the vaccination of all infants against hepatitis B.

“One of the most neglected major diseases in the WHO European Region, which we need to address as part of Millennium Development Goal 6, is viral hepatitis B and C,” says Zsuzsanna Jackab, WHO Regional Director for Europe.

The WHO has also recently updated its guidance on Hepatitis A (see fact sheet) in which it emphasises that improved sanitation and the Hepatitis A vaccine are the most effective way to prevent the disease.