#TeamHalo: meet the scientists behind COVID-19 vaccines

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

November 24th, 2020

Editorial Team

‘Researchers take to TikTok to explain their role in global vaccine development efforts ’

We have all read headlines about scientists working on new vaccines and doctors running clinical trials. But who are these experts on whom the world relies? 

A new social media project aims to answer that question by putting the spotlight on the people behind the headlines. Project Halo celebrates inspiring collaborations between  researchers around the world as they strive to develop safe and effective vaccines that could help to end the pandemic. 

Project Halo was established in collaboration with the United Nations Verified initiative and The Vaccine Confidence Project, with support from Luminate, IKEA Foundation, Global Challenges Foundation and UN Foundation.

Researchers share short posts about how immunity works and how vaccines are produced. 

They tackle the latest issues in ongoing clinical trials and explain the complex new technologies behind some of the vaccines currently in development. 

The basic science of vaccination and the immune response, and how this can be applied to make vaccines more effective, are discussed by leading experts from around the world. 

The project even has its own Poet Laureate! 

Along with educating and entertaining, #TeamHalo helps to show that behind every vaccine trial are real people working around the clock to help end the pandemic. 


  1. Beth Robelia

    Beth Robelia

    January 10th, 2021

    I am a science teacher. Can you please put these on Youtube so I can embed them into my electronic classroom for students. I need embed codes.