Escaping the bubble…

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

October 7th, 2016

Editorial Board

‘This photo and story won 2nd prize in the Vaccines Today Communication Challenge 2016.’

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Escaping the bubble

“Sometimes some people live in a bubble…

When they go to the magazine store, they always dream that “Some day, we will go to one of those fantastic places on the covers of Travel Magazines”.

But if they think about it … Will be safe?. What about….Yellow fever? Malaria? Hepatitis? Tetanus? Dengue? Avian flu?

Don’t be crazy and relax!!! Get out of that bubble – the world has changed! Now you can feel safe anywhere, like at home, if you are vaccinated.

It is better to feel the “pain” of the needle for a few seconds than to complain about [health problems] for the rest of your life!

The world is in your hands – not just on the cover of a magazine.

Travel and Enjoy!

Feel free and you will change the point of view about the rest of the world! Life is too short.

So, meet new people and get to know new lifestyles.

I’ve been out of that bubble for a long time and I still alive and safe, thanks to the vaccines and now I’m now just waiting for my next trip 🙂


– Yolmer Zamuel Afonso Cárdenas