Inform and protect: Let knowledge be contagious, not diseases

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

September 18th, 2023

Editorial Team

‘Immunisation can prevent illness ‒ if people of all ages embrace vaccination. At Vaccines Today, we are launching a new social media campaign to #InformAndProtect the public ’

From respiratory illnesses to virus-driven cancers, many infectious diseases can be prevented through immunisation programmes. Through childhood, adolescence and pregnancy, to older people and those at risk of complications due to chronic conditions, vaccines reduce illness, hospitalisation and death.


However, the potential of vaccination is realised only when immunisation rates are consistently high. Today, uptake of some routine recommended vaccines is below target. Raising awareness of immunisation, addressing concerns and questions people have about vaccines, and combating misinformation is vital.

This autumn, we at Vaccines Today are launching our new campaign: #InformAndProtect. This concept captures our mission to deliver high-quality information as part of the wider public health goal of protecting individual and public health.

#InformAndProtect, you can prevent some cancers with vaccination.

The campaign

Over the coming months, we will use our social media channels to highlight the impact of flu and COVID-19 vaccines, and the need to restore routine vaccination. We will also raise awareness of cancer prevention and the concept of life-course immunisation.

The #InformAndProtect tagline will live beyond any season or individual campaign. In fact, we welcome other vaccine advocates to lend their voices to the diverse coalition of people speaking up for vaccination and its role in good health.

#InformAndProtect, Winter vaccines can protect those at risk of serious illness.

Why us?

We strongly believe that everyone can play a part in improving public health through vaccination. Since Vaccines Today was established more than a decade ago, we have consistently worked to engage the public and connect vaccination stakeholders to inform and protect the wider community. As members of the WHO’s Vaccine Safety Net since 2013, we are an established voice in the online vaccine conversation.

Follow our social channels to see the campaign, and lend your support by sharing these messages, or adding your own.