“Spending a lifetime together, supporting each other, is a life worth living”

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

July 28th, 2016

Editorial Board

What does ‘a life worth living’ looking like? That was the question we asked as part of our 2015 Communication Challenge photo competition. The challenge was to send a photo – with a sentence – that answer the question.

Communication Challenge 1st

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Joze SpiljakWe asked the competition winner, Jozé Spiljak – a communications professional from Slovenia – to tell us more about his photo, his interest in photography and his inspiration for entering the competition.

Jozé, congratulations on winning the Communication Challenge. Tell us about your photo. Who is in it and where was it taken?

The photo was taken in Montenegro, during a break in a seminar I was conducting there. Honestly, I do not know who is in it – a senior couple leaving the local market just before noon, I guess going home to have a Sunday lunch together.

What inspired you take it? 

When I see a senior couple together I often wonder, how did they sail through life, what obstacles did they have to overcome to see this day… together? What challenges did they face during their journey? But most importantly, I look at older couples with admiration and the utmost respect – to stay together, to still be holding hands and love each other after all these years, no matter what life put you through. Unbelievable.

It’s a great caption. Could you say a little more on how this image makes ‘life worth living’? 

When I saw that the Communication Challenge title was “a life worth living”, this was the first caption I thought of. Why? Call me sentimental, but being accompanied by your soul mate throughout most of your life is a privilege nowadays. For me, never facing life’s obstacles alone is definitely ‘a life worth living’. I hope to have a similar journey in my own life.

Tell us about your interest in photography. Is it a hobby or a profession?

Photography is my hobby. I am more of a sensual person: I like to hear, see or taste things around me. That is why my interests, my hobbies, also include video-making, music and cooking. Unfortunately, I do not have as much time to devote to my hobbies as I would like. But nonetheless, I try to make the most of occasional business trips, vacations and other journeys – local and international – to take and make as many wonderful photos or videos as possible.

How did you learn about the competition and what made you want to enter?

I heard about the competition via my friends, who moved to Brussels a couple of years ago. To be honest, as soon as I saw the Communication Challenge for Vaccines Today, I knew I would participate with at least one photo as I am fond of visual competitions.

In the end it turned out to be the winning photo. But aside from that, I also support vaccination because I am convinced that it brings positive effects to individuals as well as to humanity. The positive results of vaccination were proven many times throughout history. That is a fact.

Would you encourage others to enter the Communication Challenge next year? 

Of course, without a doubt. I would encourage everybody to participate, regardless of rewards offered. This sort of competitions gives you a chance to express yourself, your ideas, your beliefs – your vision. For sure, I will return to the competition next year.